10 New Domains For May 2022

I've just added 10 new creative names for new projects and they're all still priced at the usual deal-worthy price of just $199. Take a look below:

lowHQ.comLow Code HQ!


Perfect for a new low code project, or maybe a site reviewing low code services and products! Low Code is a really interesting space to be working in right now.



Starting a job board, hiring agency or interview prep company? This domain would work great for anything related to hiring and maybe projects that aim to increase interview skills.



This makes me think of hodling crypto or alternatively maybe some sort of SaaS project. With even just mild SEO you could quickly control most of the SERP for this brand.

Also these other fine new additions:















That's a wrap for this batch - time to get buying! Don't forget to join the Wuzmo newsletter so you can keep up with any brand new listings.

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We've all had a great domain idea for a project only to find it squatted for $10k or even more... Wuzmo aims to end this frustration by keeping the price for all listings to just $199.

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